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The Untroglodytes

A rollicking time last night at Gordon Biersch, a microbrewery and restaurant on the San Francisco waterfront, with something like 60 to 80 readers of NRO joining Ramesh, Bill Rusher, Steve Hayward, Deroy Murdock, and yours truly—and, as someone who has lived out here for more than a decade now, I can assure you that gathering 60 to 80 conservatives in one place in San Francisco represents a seismic event, right up there with the Loma Prieta temblor.

Although it proved impossible to talk to everyone, I had long conversations with Lucy, a business consultant, Dan, an insurance executive, Gary, the president of a big company, and Eric, a recent grad of Stanford law school who starts at one of San Francisco’s major law firms next Monday. Troglodytes? Nope. Our crowd is well-informed, well-spoken, and well-heeled.


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