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Unwarranted Pessimism

Maybe my piece on the prospects for a massive amnesty and open immigration the homepage is too optimistic (I don’t think so), but Tom Tancredo seems too pessimistic in today’s Washington Times story on immigration.

Sure, the Democrats will quietly go along as the president ignores the new fence bill and abandons his pre-election feints toward enforcement. They’ll even try, and maybe succeed, in passing some targeted amnesties and guestworker programs. But the Dem majority seems to understand that it’s on probation, and they were able to shoot for the moon this past Congress only because they knew the House Republican net was there to keep them from hitting the ground. But they’re in charge now, and will be blamed if they pass a general amnesty and new mechanisms to import 60+ million additional people over the next 20 years, as the Bush-McCain-Kennedy bill passed by the Senate would have done.


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