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An Update on Bill Browder

His lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, was tortured to death when a political prisoner of the Russian government. Now the Kremlin, eight years later, is accusing Browder himself of murdering Magnitsky. This is almost too revolting to comment on.

The New York Times has the story, here.

“Live not by lies,” Solzhenitsyn said. The Russian government is up to its ears in lies. I illustrated this in my recent piece about Yuri Dmitriev, who is trapped in the nightmare of the Russian judicial system.

Two things have made the head spin today: the Kremlin’s new charge of murder; and the decision of the U.S. government to bar Bill Browder from America (which I wrote about in a post below).

Think of it: The murderers are charging the champion of the victim with murder. And the United States is barring that champion from our shores.

Leadership in these matters is called for, and I look to John McCain and other stalwart defenders of freedom and democracy to supply it. Someone must beat back the lie.


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