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Update… Plus Bloody Substance!

First, the update. Fog, mist, bratwurst smoke and the resultant narrow flight path corridor (or some such) they’ve created have prompted Air Traffic Controllers to delay our flight by another 2 hours or so. They “hope” we can take off around 7:20 PM. In the meantime, we’re stuck on the runway.

But, some readers complain that mere travel updates are beneath the high-mindeness of the Corner. “Next, we’ll hear about your sleep apnea,” says one reader.

Well, fine. I see that Ross Douthat and Rod Dreher are tackling the interesting topic of movie violence. I haven’t read all the entries yet, but it seems worth perusing. See Ross for relevant links.

Oh and here’s my own take on Hollywood violence from six years ago (Man, I’m getting old). My views have changed a bit, but not a whole lot.


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