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Update Re Harvard Event

From Family Research Council:

BOSTON, M.A. – Late Sunday afternoon, a representative of the Human Rights Campaign contacted Family Research Council (FRC) to report that HRC President Cheryl Jacques and GLAD’s Mary Bonauto, both of whom had previously committed to a debate against FRC at Harvard University Monday night, had decided to withdraw from Monday’s event. The HRC representative said that after discussing the matter further, Jacques and Bonauto determined they needed to instead concentrate on Wednesday’s vote in the Massachusetts State Legislature, when the Marriage Affirmation and Protection Amendment will be considered.

“The fact that the other side does not feel assured of a victory on Wednesday and is continuing to lobby up until the last moment shows just how unpredictable this vote will be,” said FRC President Tony Perkins, who spoke to thousands at a Boston rally today. “We are also here in Boston, making sure the legislature realizes how important it is to approve the MA & PA amendment so that the people of Massachusetts, rather than four unelected judges, can decide whether marriage will be protected or deconstructed.”

In spite of HRC and Bonauto’s withdraw, Monday’s event at Harvard Law’s Ames Courtroom will go on as planned (see details below). “We promised the people an ‘Open Discussion on Same-Sex Marriage’, and that is exactly what we’re going to give what is expected to be an overflow crowd,” said FRC’s Perkins.

An Open Discussion on Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

@ Harvard Law’s Ames Courtroom (Austin Hall, 3rd Floor)

Monday, February 9th



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