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Update from the Road

I had a truly fantastic day here at the Ashbrook Center at Ashland University. As some of my colleagues would attest, including Rich Lowry who serves on Ashbrook’s board, Ashbrook is one of the under-sung gems in American education. The Ashbrook scholars get a fantastic conservative education, conservative not so much in the ideological sense but in the scholarly sense. Anyway, I had a grand time with everyone there, particularly our friend Peter Schramm (who will be on the NR Cruise, by the way). He plied me with cigars, steak, and scotch, and great conversation with him and his colleagues.

Now the bad news. No G-File today (and light Cornering as well); the cigars, steak, and scotch took their toll and I still need to write my regular column. Hope to G-File tomorrow. Off to my plane.


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