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Update on Shooting of San Diego Police Officers

As I noted earlier, two San Diego police officers were shot, one of them killed and the other badly wounded, during a traffic stop late last night.

The murdered officer has been identified as Jonathan DeGuzman, a 43-year-old who served sixteen years on the force. He leaves behind a wife and two children. The wounded officer is Wade Irwin, 32, Officer DeGuzman’s partner in the gang crime unit. Officer Irwin was seriously wounded and was in surgery during the day. He may still be unconscious but the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that he is expected to recover.

In a fire fight with police, one suspect in the shooting – who still has not been identified to the press – was wounded and taken into custody. There appears to be an additional suspect. The Union-Tribune reports that police have also stormed, fired gas bombs into, and used a robot to search a house located half a mile from the shooting. They appear to be cajoling a man named Marcus to come out. The standoff has gone on for several hours.


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