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The Upside-down Family Tree

Four grandparents have two children have one grandchild.

When I was a wee lad, only children were a rarity, and, from the snippets one caught of adult chit-chat on the subject, not something particularly to be encouraged. Now they’re the norm — at least in the United Kingdom. Your Demographic Deathwatch story of the day:

Britain is become a nation of only-children with nearly half of parents choosing to have only one child.

Latest figures show homes with just one child now make up 46 per cent of all families and could soon be in the majority of the current trend continues . . .

“The only people who can afford large families are the small numbers of the wealthy, to whom cost doesn’t matter and the larger number of those who depend on welfare to whom the cost doesn’t matter because the state provides.”

As to who might be included in that “larger number,” see this story

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