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Urgent Need for Math Classes in J School

I have a posting at National Review Institute’s new “Media Malpractice” blog on the dealthless myth that “Bush got 44% of the Hispanic vote.”

Along the same lines, I just ran across this from a column in today’s Politico:

Obama’s initial spending plan has more money than what President George W. Bush proposed to improve the decennial census count in minority communities. There also is stronger enforcement of civil rights laws that guard against discrimination, including against ethnic minorities; provide health care to underserved communities and improve assessments for students with disabilities and people learning English. (Of all the students in 2005 who spoke a language other than English at home, 69 percent were Hispanic, 64 percent were Asian, and 31 percent were Pacific Islanders, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.)

If my own math is right, that means 164 percent of students who spoke foreign languages at home were minorities. Talk about rapid demographic change!


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Team Fear

Team Fear

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