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Success for that good guy our Congress doesn’t care to help: 

BOGOTA, Colombia ( —  A wanted leader of Latin America’s largest guerrilla army handed herself over to Colombian authorities on Sunday, Colombia’s defense minister said.

Eldaneyis Mosquera, also known as “Karina,” was one of the most senior women in the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC. She operated in the country’s mountainous, northwestern region, where security officials blamed her for a series of attacks and kidnappings.

“We’ve been after this woman for a long time” Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos told reporters.

The FARC has recently taken a number of hits in northwestern Colombia, where its leader was killed in March by a subordinate who then handed himself over to authorities.

Earlier this month, President Alvaro Uribe asked Mosquera in a public speech to turn herself in.

She surrendered in the province of Antioquia, some 93 miles (150 kilometers) northwest of Bogota.


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