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U.S. Punk

Andrew, I plead guilty to Ameri-centrism when it comes to determining who is

and isn’t a punk “superstar.” I am fans of both the Damned and the

Stranglers, however, I chose to only list the punks who crossed over in

something of a big way on this side of the Atlantic — Ramones, Elvis and,

especially Blondie. Alas Capt. Sensible and Co. (those damned guys) and Hugh

Cornwell and crew never quite permeated the American consciousness (though

“Always the Sun” was a minor hit in the mid-80s). Oh, anyone who wants to

send me e-mail on punk stuff, feel free: (Why should

Stuttaford get all the hate mail?) I will be sharing plans on the upcoming

Crunchy-Con Beat-Down Party, scheduled for mid New Year’s Day.


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