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The U.S. Soldier On The Iraq Streets

Outside of the president, probably no one is angrier about this Abu Ghraib mess than the U.S. serviceman. A loyal Corner reader and American patriot serving over in Iraq e-mails, “I’m actually ashamed that those individuals wore the

same uniform as I do.” He continues:

Things are hot here in a number of ways. It’s over 100 degrees now every

day and I suppose that will continue through the summer. The prison scandal

has a lot of us angry – because of the disgusting behavior and because of

the finger pointing and lack of accountability. If one more of these

clowns claims that they didn’t have proper training or were ordered to

participate in this I think I’ll be sick. Training doesn’t give you common

sense or respect for human dignity. If they were ordered to do it and felt

it was wrong, where was their report of the conduct up the chain of command?

This was a systemic problem that the general running the show admits she

wasn’t aware of – so many things went wrong here that it is staggering.


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