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U.S.-Turkey Stand-Off?

Just talked to a very keen observer of the Turks.

Here’s his take: “It’s very, very bad. We either let them do it, and

carve the north up w/ them, or you say, `There’s no doubt about this,

you can’t go in.’ We’ve more or less extended our protection n to the

Kurds. Which means that there could be a US-Turk battle. I don’t think

so, but it could happen. It would be very bad.

There was a meeting between the Turks and the Iranians last week, and

I’m sure the Iranians said, `Let’s divide up the north.’ You either let

them do it, or you have to stop them, there’s no halfway house.

I always argued, `Why don’t we just a deal with the Turks?’ But we

didn’t do that. I blame the diplomacy here—the administration doesn’t

seem to have really done their homework.

The good news is that it hasn’t happened yet. So, the Turks are

obviously nervous about it. I think the Turks can still be frightened

off. We would have to tell them, `If you want to go in, you’ve got to

let us through and go in with us.’”


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