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Utterly Devoted to IQ Testing

The U.S. military, that is.  Steve Sailer provides the actual numbers (as if anyone cares about actual numbers in rhetorical punch-ups like the Kerry flap):   

“As I’ve been pointing out for a long time, American enlisted personnel are pretty smart. From 1992-2004, virtually nobody was allowed to enlist who didn’t have a high school diploma and who scored below the 30th percentile on the Armed Forces Qualification IQ test. Indeed, the typical enlistee had a 3 digit IQ, above average. They’ve been scraping a little closer to the bottom of the barrel recently, due to Iraq, but volunteers remain pretty strong. I don’t think many in the media know this. You are supposed to say that IQ is a discredited concept, and the fact that the military is utterly devoted to IQ testing (and, in fact, most of the middle section of The Bell Curve came from data provided to Charles Murray by the U.S. military) is something you aren’t supposed to think about.”