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The Vacuity of the Huckabee Campaign

Jonathan Martin chronicles it here:

To borrow one of the candidate’s favored rhetorical devices — the metaphor — Huckabee is running an emphatic, bordering on obsessive, David vs. Goliath campaign.

His argument as David consists almost entirely of a plea for sympathy in his fight against Romney’s Goliath.

Huckabee’s stump speech does touch glancingly on his record as governor and his policy views.

But the former is mostly just to respond to or inoculate himself against Romney’s charges in the only medium he can afford: media attention.

And his policy proposals are a motley mélange of positions that please his faithful: the FairTax for his FairTax enthusiasts; home-schooling, traditional marriage and right-to-life for his evangelical base; a hard-line immigration proposal for just about everybody in the conservative tent; and riffs on the importance of arts education and “weapons of mass instruction” to keep up the different-kind-of-conservative shtick that tickles the media. 


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