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Family Research Council head Tony Perkins started off the Value Voters Summit in Washington this morning with joke that served as an indication of social conservatives’ unhappiness with both parties.  A Republican and a Democrat are talking.  The Republican says to the Democrat, “I bet you can’t even say the Lord’s Prayer.”  “Sure, I can,” the Democrat answers.  “Here’s $20 says you can’t,” the Republican responds.  “You’re on,” says the Democrat, who begins reciting, “Now I lay me down to sleep…”  At that point, the audience in the Washington Hilton started to laugh. And then Perkins delivered the punch line: The Republican hands over the $20 and says, “Man, I didn’t think you could do it.”


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Attention Must Be Paid

Attention Must Be Paid

Language, of course, is generally employed by human beings to distract or deceive. So there is much to be said for critical listening.