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Van Hollen’s Opus

One of the topics on my radio show today was the decision of 90 Democrats (OK, 89 and one Socialist)to vote “no” on the resolution praising our troops and declaring the world is safer thanks to the removal of Saddam. I casually mentioned that, if the GOP wanted the Democrats to cross over, they just needed to add the phrase “PS–Bush Sucks.”

I meant it as a joke. Then I read the website of Maryland Democrat Chris Van Hollen explaining his “no” vote and offering a resolution he could have supported. It can best be summed up as “Bush Sucks, and So Did His Dad. Oh, and Reagan Sucked, Too.” Instead of praising anyone, the Van Hollen amendment is an openly-partisan attack, listing the same old liberal complaints re: American foreign policy.

What makes Van Hollen’s amendment so hilarious is that the Democrats’ complain about the original resolution is that it’s too political, so they respond with a tract straight out of Kerry campaign HQ.

Upon re-reading, make that DEAN campaign HQ…

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