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Van Jones: GOP Will Have to Run Against Hillary, Bill, Barack, and Michelle in 2016

The merger of Team Obama and Team Clinton could prove too much to handle for Republicans in 2016, warns Van Jones. “Whoever gets your nomination will have to run against four of us: Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, [President] Obama, and Michelle Obama,” he said on This Week.

Fellow panelists Cokie Roberts and Greta Van Susteren both expressed uncertainty whether Clinton would ultimately run, and Matt Bai of Yahoo! News said “she cannot clear the field.” “Everything we know about modern politics and the modern presidential process flies in the face of that — we don’t live in that world anymore,” Bai said.

Jones conceded that Clinton isn’t a lock and warned Democrats to keep an eye on Brian Schweitzer. “I put my money” on the former Montana governor​ to possibly upset Clinton, he said.


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