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First, some speaking gigs — open to the public — coming up next week.

April 5: University of Wisconsin, 7pm-8pm.

Hosted by Collegians For A Constructive Tomorrow

The Pres House, 731 State Street, Madison, WI

April 6: University of Minnesota, 7PM

Room 125, Wiley Hall (attached to the law school, near pay parking lot)

Also, on April 15 I’ll be speaking at a Tea Party event in Cincinnati; details to come.

Second, here’s my column today on Obama’s drilling decision.

Third, here’s the cover story I wrote a few months ago on offshore drilling which NR pulled out from behind the firewall yesterday.

Fourth, for those who don’t care about me, here’s one of the best clips from The Jerk for no apparent reason whatsoever (some profanity). Though I, too, hate random bastards:


Update: The image is reversed for some reason, dunno why. One of the commenters says it has to do with copyright. Go figure.


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