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Faith, Sorely Tested: Today’s Edition

Pope Francis during a pastoral visit in Genoa, Italy, May 27, 2017. (Giorgio Perottino/Reuters)

Despair is a sin — Bill Buckley said that frequently, and he was right to do so. It’s practical: One needs to keep repeating that so as not to lose faith. We shall prevail against the Gates of Hell — This is another mantra which many traditional/conservative Catholics say to keep the faith. Given the troubling machinations and trends of Holy Mother Church’s leaders and of Vatican bureaucrats, I find myself saying or thinking this daily.

Today’s reason for almost-despair is an Associated Press story: Vatican doctors photo of Benedict’s praise for Francis. Read it. Turning the retired pope into a prop for the current pope’s theological play-acting is deeply embarrassing, but of no surprise for an ancient institution whose timid bureaucrats and diplomats (timid, except when it comes to hating America) are eagerly handing the faithful in China over to the Commie regime, whose ultimate leader, Pope Francis, has heaped scorn on abuse victims, and whose leftist cardinals are trying to rewrite dogma on sex, marriage, and sin.

We shall prevail against . . .


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