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Reading about gun-controllers, popular culture, and other subjects this week, I thought of a piece I wrote long ago. It was in April 2001, actually, and the piece was subsequently anthologized in a few different places. (That’s the most arrogant statement I’ll make all day. Although the day is still young . . .)

The piece is called “‘Bang’: Guns, rap, and silence.” It examines the unwillingness of gun-controllers to confront those who are most enthusiastic about gun violence.

It’s far more comfortable to torment the NRA, which advocates not only gun rights but gun safety, than to get in the faces of “gangsta” rappers, who glory in guns and gun violence in song after song after song.

There are many sample lyrics in this piece (just so you know). And you may get a kick out of the words of a gun-control spokesman from Colorado:

“We don’t address it,” he says of the rap issue. “We have enough trouble with the Second Amendment without attacking the First as well.”

Anyway, if you’re interested in reading this piece — this blast from the past, though green with relevance — go here.


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