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I’m not going to keep rehashing all of the email that keeps pouring in from “outraged” readers about my suggestion that McCain pick a veep. But I will simply say how disappointed I am in some longtime readers who actually know my views and writing but nonetheless think I buy into the gassy platitudes of national unity rhetoric simply because I hypothesized that McCain could take advantage of the market for such platitudes. I mean how many times have I railed against the fool’s gold of “unity” around here (not to mention in my book?). Right or wrong, politics is often about symbolic gestures. I don’t think the turkey the president  “pardons” every year really deserves his freedom either, but if I were advising a president, I would say “Hypocrisy, shmipocrisy. Keep up the tradition. It’s bad politics to hack off a turkey’s head in the Rose Garden.”

Meanwhile, Julie Ponzi over at NLT takes the idea a bit more seriously: 

All kidding aside, and even if I can’t swallow all of it, there is something serious supporting Jonah Goldberg’s argument about McCain choosing a Dem for his VP nominee. It is this: Perhaps we have to save the Democrats from themselves before we can a.) save the country from the consequences of the direction of today’s Dem. party and b.) save the Republicans from self-imposed oblivion…..


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