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J.J.: I’d admire your fearlessness today, putting your money—or at least punditry-prediction stock—on Gephardt for Kerry’s veep pick, but I don’t see that happening. I think you underestimate what a big deal the marriage issue will be come August in the race. The Democrats’ convention will be in BOSTON, their nominee will be from BOSTON, the gay-marriage issue will be everywhere they look, unless, Heaven forbid, world events somehow wind up trumping it. Having a veep with a vocal lesbian daughter is probably an added obstacle they don’t need (yes, Cheney notwithstanding). I agree Harold Ford and John Edwards will be on the list until the end—and unless there is a surprise pull we’re not thinking of (a Bill Clinton-type), I wouldn’t be shocked if one of them got it. Edwards, though, has been playing it almost too perfectly in being nice in the primaries…who could trust that! You’re probably right he is talked about until the end, when it is…Harold Ford (or some huge gravitas-spun surprise).


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