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Vegans Shriek over Beef Tallow in New British Five Pound Note

Vegans in the U.K. are upset that they will have to touch money that contains a bit of beef tallow. From a column in The Guardian:

Few industries are as secretive as the one that murders 22m animals each day in the UK alone, and the driving force for that shiftiness is a lust for profit.

So the way the Bank of England tried to sneak out money containing animal products seems a fitting metaphor for the entire filthy racket.

Oh the horror.

Animals can’t be “murdered,” only people. Comparing the evil of unlawful homicide with malice aforethought with the humane slaughter of food animals is an example of anti-humanism with malice aforethought.

That point aside, I think it is great that we make so many productive uses of the animals we consume.