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A Verboten Village

The racial lunacy of the current season can be summed up by two accusations. Both of them, as it happens, were made by MSNBC television personalities. The first guy said that to associate President Obama with Chicago was racist. (Don’t ask. I don’t know.) The second guy said that to associate Obama with the PGA Tour was racist. Why? Because you were obviously trying to link the president with the “lifestyle of Tiger Woods.” (To add to the confusion, Bill Maher said that golf was a “white,” not a black, part of Obama. You just can’t win, so don’t even try.)

A lot of us have been chortling about this, in a morbid kind of way. But my colleague Fred Schwarz has come up with the best comment yet. He notes that there is a village in Greater Chicago called Golf. So . . . if you mention Obama and Golf, Illinois, in the same breath, you must be the most racist person in the whole wide world.


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