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From a reader:

As a native Vermonter now living in New Jersey I thought your article in NR was right on target. As far back as I can tell my forebears voted Republican, except my grandfather did vote the Bull Moose ticket. One of my proudest memories was that the real Vermont was one of only two states not to vote for FDR. My great grandfather served in the storied Vermont Brigade during the Civil War. It is sad that a once proud, independent people could be reduced to wards of what is essentially a welfare state. A month ago I visited my mother and saw happy school kids with their backpacks walking on the streets of a small town (Bellows Falls) and realized, sadly, that most of them would have to leave Vermont to find decent jobs. I thought if by some miracle I was elected governor of the state my first priority would be to bring in businesses that were environmentally friendly (to appease the wackos) so those kids would have the option of living and working in Vermont.

The thought comes to mind: What if California is not the future, Vermont is?

P.S. I sent a copy of your article to my brother who still lives there but he is a retired teacher who now doesn’t have to worry about a career.


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