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Vetoes, Hugs, and Rock & Roll

The Miami Herald breathlessly reports that Gov. Charlie Crist (R., Fla.) was welcomed like a pop star this morning at a high school in north Miami. So nice to see our public schools using class hours to fete an on-the-fence Senate candidate:

It’s hard to say whether the students at Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High Biscayne Bay Campus were more excited to see the school’s namesakes or the governor who the day before had vetoed a controversial teacher pay bill.

As the school was celebrating its official dedication ceremony Friday morning, Gov. Charlie Crist walked into the auditorium to a rock star’s welcome.

He brushed off compliments from teachers and students, saying the bill, known as SB 6, was badly flawed.

During the days the teacher pay bill was on Crist’s desk awaiting signature, thousands of teachers took a personal day as a sign of protest. Students held peaceful rallies.

Crist, calling himself the people’s governor, said he heard them loud and clear.

Students held signs cheering him on, like one that read: “The teachers’ governor.”


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