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Victor Davis Hanson on NRO TV

Regarding the final installment of my interview with Victor Davis Hanson, from a reader:

I’m a homeschool dad of six kids and just had my three oldest boys (15,13, 12) watch your wonderful interview with Victor Davis Hanson.  Very sobering and SO current.  They see him on the History channel frequently so their interest was immediately piqued.  They’re at the age where they’re starting to try and wrap their brains around the important social and cultural issues of our day.  And since I’m constantly fielding their very tough questions (“Are all muslims evil?”,  “Shouldn’t we attack Iran before they bomb us?”, “Who exactly are we fighting in Iraq?”) it’s wonderful to hear such a succinct and historically informed discussion about these issues.  A half hour with you and VDH and they gained more ground than week’s worth of history class with the “Ol man”.  You sure made my job easier this week! 

I’ll float along on that one all weekend.

And thanks to everyone who has sent along comments.  Try a couple of different camera angles.  Post transcripts along with the video.  Try breaking the interviews into shorter segments.  Make the shows available on podcasts.  Our producer and I don’t have time to answer every email we receive, but we’re reading every one, believe me–and making note after note after note.


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