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Victory, Sort of, On “Boston Public”

Last Friday on the Fox show “Boston Public,” the main plot involved affirmative action. The “Young Conservatives Club” held a bake sale that prompted a fight between a white member and a black student, the next time the sale was held the black student staged a slave auction in response, a classroom discussion led to another melee, and, in the grand finale, both faculty and students participated in a formal debate on the issue.

I tuned in—my first time to watch the show—prepared for the worst. And there were indeed some silly moments. But here’s the bottom line: The last word in the debate, seemingly accepted as such by the audience and delivered with great feeling, went to the most attractive and sensible character, who is a black woman, a Republican, and opposed to affirmative action! Not only that, but her very last words are to ask that she be judged by the content of her character, not the color of the skin—the line the left loves to hate in the debate over affirmative action!