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A Victory for Voter ID

One decision by the Supreme Court on June 8 did not receive a lot of media attention (no surprise there). The Court denied the NAACP’s petition for certiorari of the Eleventh Circuit decision upholding Georgia’s voter ID law. Hopefully, this is the final nail in the coffin of that organization’s unsuccessful efforts to stop a commonsense measure designed to help ensure the integrity of our election process. This case was a continuing embarrassment to the NAACP. In pursuing the case, the leadership of the NAACP was acting contrary to the views of the people it supposedly represents since an overwhelming majority of Americans, including African Americans, support voter ID. Despite the NAACP claims that there were hordes of individuals who could not meet an ID requirement, they lost this case in part because they were unable to produce a single individual, including any of its members, who did not have an ID or could not easily and quickly obtain one. 


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