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Video: The College Protest Clown Car Is Careening Out of Control

Well, it looks like elite higher education is a racist hellhole after all. Reports are emerging from Dartmouth that a large group of students invaded a campus library, assaulted students of different races, shouted racial insults at students while they tried to study, and engaged in a sustained, racialized effort to disrupt the learning environment. Inexcusable. Look for the administration to crack down with all the righteous fury of a social justice warrior scorned. 

Wait. What? It was black students attacking white students? I wonder what the administration will do now:

A group of Black Lives Matter protestors at Dartmouth College led a violent protest Thursday, hurling racial insults at students and pushing them up against a wall as they tried to study in the library, The Dartmouth Review reports.

“Fuck you, you filthy white fucks!” “Fuck you and your comfort!” “Fuck you, you racist shit!” they reportedly yelled.

About a 150 Dartmouth protesters shouted as they marched through Baker-Berry Library at Dartmouth College. Students who didn’t join in on their protests were harassed, one woman was pinned to a wall by protesters who shouted, “filthy white bitch!” in her face. Students who were seated were told to, “Stand the fuck up!” “You filthy racist white piece of shit!”

The protesters actively disrupted students reviewing for exams, entering study spaces and shouting at students who tried to close their door. One student was forced to abandon her study room and ran out of the library.

Other accounts are equally disturbing:

“I was sitting in Novack studying when a large group of protestors came in chanting ‘black lives matter.’ They gathered in the center of Novack amongst the tables where there were a number of people working peacefully.

They kept shouting and started banging on tables. They demanded that people stand up to show their solidarity. Those who did not stand were targeted and questioned.

There was a girl studying in one of the study rooms in Novack and the protestors stormed the room. She closed the door on one of the protestors which resulted in rage from many protestors. The girl then exited silently through the crowd while protestors screamed at her calling her a white bitch . . . After making a girl cry, a protestor screamed “Fuck your white tears.”

And here’s video of at least part of the protest:

While it’s easy to laugh at the more absurd protests, like demanding student government resignations because the guilty students refused to “stand in solidarity with their black peers and proclaim that Black Lives Matter” (apparently the revolutionary slogans are mandatory now), or the hilarious demand of Amherst protestors for the president of the university to condemn students who posted a pro-life ”All Lives Matter” poster, what reportedly happened at Dartmouth is a different matter altogether. Make all the demands you want, and if cowards want to cave that’s their business. Protests, marches, lists of demands, and hunger strikes are all aspects of free speech, of the robust marketplace of ideas on campus. But disruption and assault are different things entirely. 

Do administrators have the backbone to punish students for disruption or report them to the police for assault? If not, Dartmouth may well pay a price. Individual students can still file complaints with the police and claims in civil court. Parents can decide to write tuition checks to different schools. Students at elite universities tend to have options. Unless the campus gets the clown car under control, look for its customers to start voting with their feet.


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