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VIDEO: How Well Do We Know Hillary Clinton?

She may be the only formidable Democrat candidate running for president, but Hillary Clinton has plenty of scandals to overcome — and lots of questions to answer.

As more Americans decide she simply can’t be trusted  look for alternatives, Clinton’s poll numbers have taken a dip, and challengers are already nipping at her heels in New Hampshire.

Scandal after scandal emerges, and yet the State Department says there won’t be an internal investigation as to why some of Clinton’s infamous e-mails couldn’t be located. Meanwhile, new information shows that she did, in fact, withhold Benghazi-related messages from the State Department. What might the public have learned from those?

#related#Here at National Review, we’ve reported on the many shady financial exchanges that have gone on at the Clinton Foundation, as well as her secret counsel she was getting on Libya from longtime Clinton hack Sidney Blumenthal.

We don’t know what other skeletons may come out of Clinton’s closet, before or after she makes it to the White House. America can’t risk electing someone so untrustworthy — it’s time we took her contempt for transparency seriously.

A new, original National Review video exposes some of the scandals surrounding Clinton – and just how many questions she has yet to answer.

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