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VIDEO: Progressive Sexism is on Fire

Today, Carrie Lukas wrote a fantastic piece on the hypocrisy that is progressive sexism in a Trump era, rightly pointing out that insults aimed at Kellyanne Conway and Melania Trump would be considered egregious sexism if they were not conservative women. Lukas writes: 

Were Conway a Democrat who had helped Hillary Clinton become the first female President, she now would be a revered feminist icon. There would be glowing profiles in the weeklies and flattering photo spreads in women’s magazines. Conway would be heralded as a role model and as a trailblazing woman. Her frank statements about the challenges of balancing work and family life would be billed as brave indictments of women’s struggles in the workplace, rather than as evidence that she is, somehow, anti-working woman. But since Conway isn’t advancing the feminist political agenda, the supposedly enlightened Left overlooks her accomplishments and recasts her in whatever cartoonish conservative stereotype it finds convenient. 

…Kellyanne Conway and Melania Trump are hardly shrinking violets: They can take whatever hate the Left throws at them, cloaked as humor or not. This includes barbs that, in another context, women’s-studies scholars would label not just as dreaded “microaggressions” but as rank sexism. Ultimately, these attacks tell us nothing about Conway or Trump; but they do reveal an awful lot about the hypocrisy of their critics.

It’s worth reading the full piece.