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Video Shows Paris Terrorists Screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ During Attack

VIDEO. Des images de l’attaque au siège de… by francetvinfo

A video reportedly taken from the roof of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo’s office in Paris, France shows the attackers firing their weapons while screaming “Allahu akbar” — an indication that the deadly assault was driven by Islamic fundamentalism.

12 people — including the paper’s editor and cartoonists who drew images of the Islamic prophet Muhammad — were killed on Wednesday, after three gunmen reportedly armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles and a rocket-propelled grenade attacked the paper’s headquarters.

The video shows frightened Parisians huddling on a roof while deafening explosions and shouts of “Allahu akabar” echo through the streets below. Arabic for “God is great,” the phrase is frequently shouted by Islamic terrorists during attacks. 

The UK’s Telegraph reports that the terrorists told victims they were from Al-Qaida in Yemen, a Islamist group behind several failed attacks on the United States in the last several years.


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