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Video: TMZ Ambushes Rubio About Cecil the Lion, but Rubio Turns the Tables

More of this, please:

The TMZ reporter asks Rubio about Cecil the Lion, and Rubio offers a sensible response: ”Obviously there’s laws in that country, so whatever laws there were, that guy should have followed them.” Then, however, he rightly pivots to the far more important story:

But you know, everyone’s fired up about this tiger- or this lion– people should be more fired up about these babies that are coming out of the Planned Parenthood videos. If people are going to be outraged about an animal being killed, they should also be outraged about a human being being killed…

It’s especially important to get even this quick message on TMZ. More undecideds and persuadable Democrats read TMZ than follow Rubio’s Twitter feed or read conservative blogs. It’s only a few seconds, but it’s a start, and he at least got the reporter to signal agreement (even if he was just being polite). Well done.


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