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Vietnam Redux?

From a reader:

“Watching Kerry respond to the throwing of medals question turned my stomach. I know there are ten times the number of Vietnam War vets who wholly disagree with him. I believe that if he is nominated the country will, and should, ‘re-fight’ the Vietnam War. This time, however, the left has not a monopoly on the media, and the outcome will be different, as well as truthful.”

This hadn’t occurred to me before, but of course the reader is absolutely right. This Corner, Rush, Fox News–we’ll all be around this time to argue a) that our undertaking in Vietnam was born of a noble impulse, not some sort of twisted imperialist dream, b) that we lost only because of a failure of national will that John Kerry, among others, helped to precipitate, and, c) that despite its ultimate failure the war repesented a holding action that helped to make possible the rise of the “Asian tigers,” including Thailand and Taiwan, whose example even Vietnam itself is now attempting to follow.

The debate will be different, all right.