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DailyKos founder Markos Moulitsas, an early supporter of Democratic Senate candidate Jon Tester in Montana, is sounding concerned:

A nasty ad campaign against Jon Tester claiming he’s a tax raiser has taken a bite out of Tester’s chances. The NRSC is pumping in resources into this race. And Democrats are suddenly really, really nervous.

Looking at the polling, there was a tightening last week, but Tester has regained some of that ground. Which is why I’m a bit surprised at an avalanche of pitch emails and calls I’ve been getting from nervous party people and allied organizations. Even MoveOn is doing a frantic last-minute fundraising drive for him.

I don’t know if Democratic Party internals have given cause for concern, or if there’s something else in the cards. The poll numbers look encouraging. Early vote reports from the field look good. This one will be tight — it was always going to be tight — but there is definitely serious concern at the top.

Moulitsas says Democrats are “looking great in Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. We’re neck and neck in Virginia, Missouri, and Montana.”  But his post on the Ford-Corker race in Tennessee is headlined, “Why I’ve given up on this race.”

It’s the trends that are damning. In Connecticut and Arizona, our guy is on the rise, giving hope that we can close the gaps. Here in Tennessee, Ford is headed in the wrong direction…This race is all but lost.