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Virgina Senate Race

From the AP:

WASHINGTON — Democratic Senate candidate James Webb charged his opponent, Republican Sentor George Allen, of sinking to a “new low” in their increasingly bitter contest. Webb accused Allen of “grotesque immaturity” for calling the former Reagan Administration secretary of the Navy a “super-dooper poopy head.”

Mr. Allen responded that “he started it.” Adding, “I would never have dreamed of calling him a ‘super-dooper poopy head’ — though I stand by the factual accuracy of that statement — if he hadn’t started with all that I’m-rubber-and-your-glue nonsense.”

This latest chapter in the downward spiriling contest seemed to have been sparked by their most recent debate moderated by NBC Washington Bureau Chief, Tim Russert. While answering a question about social security privatization, Allen blurted out “Tim! He’s touching me!” Russert told Mr. Webb “Please refrain from touching your opponent.” Webb immediately responded “I did not, did not, did not!” and continued to repeat the phrase over and over again with his hands on his ears as Mr. Russert tried to change the issue to the war in Iraq.

An aide to Mr. Webb defended his candidate saying, “Look there’s no denying this race has taken a sour turn. But it is a well established fact that it’s all Allen’s fault and the voters of the Commonwealth of Virginia know that he has cooties.”

In a surprise turn of events University of Virginia political scientist Larry Sabato seemed to indicate that he has personal knowledge that Senator Allen in fact does have cooties, but he would not directly confirm or deny the allegation.


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