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Virginia’s COVID-Vaccination Program Makes Kidney Stones Look Speedy

On December 15, 2020, the state of Virginia administered the first COVID-19 vaccination to a Norfolk emergency-room worker.

Almost one month later, Operation Warp Speed has provided Virginia 845,900 doses of the vaccine. The state has used roughly one-quarter of them, 217,836, according to Bloomberg. (The state’s dashboard actually has a lower number of administered first doses, at 215,101, but also notes that 27,429 Virginians have already received both doses.) Virginia is fourth from the bottom among the 50 states in percentage of available doses administered. But once you throw in U.S. territories, Virginia looks a little better; they’ve used twice the percentage that Palau in Micronesia has used, and just above American Samoa. However, Virginia still remains more than eight percentage points behind Guam.

Over 31 days, Virginia’s rate of vaccination averages out to 7,026 vaccinations per day.

The state has roughly 8.5 million people, roughly 6.6 million above the age of 18. At this pace, Virginia will have every adult in the state vaccinated in 950 days, or roughly the summer of 2023.

Never tell me that having a doctor as a governor is automatically good for a state’s health-care system.


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