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Virulently Anti-Gay Derb

From a long pro-homosex piece in Salon by

homosex propagandist Rick Rosendall:

“A work of questionable scientific merit that has been seized upon recently

by the religious right is ‘The Man Who Would Be Queen,’ by J. Michael

Bailey, a psychology professor at Northwestern University. Bailey’s errors

include accepting old stereotypes of gay femininity and relying on wildly

unrepresentative samples, such as the men he found at Chicago’s gay dance

bars. The book was praised by John Derbyshire, a virulently anti-gay

contributor to National Review.”

Here are some samples of my “virulently anti-gay” review of Michael’s book

(which, by the way, is infused with sympathy for sexually odd people, and

with a sincere desire to understand them).

“Sexual eccentricity raises difficult philosophical issues for

conservatives. On the one hand we have a core belief in the individual and

his privacy. Since no form of activity is more private than sex, our

instinct is to let people follow their inclinations, within obvious legal

constraints against, for example, the corruption of minors. Further, we all

have friends whom we know to be, or suspect of being, sexually odd in one

way or another, and we do not want to say or write things that would hurt

their feelings.”

“All of these types – girlish boys, male homosexuals, transsexuals of both

styles – are of course human beings, who, like the rest of us, must play the

best game they can with the cards Nature has dealt them. No decent person

would wish to inflict on them any more unhappiness than their mismatched

bodies and psyches have already burdened them with.”

The entire review can be found in the 6/30/03 issue of National Review.

There is an image on my personal web site,, under “Print


This kind of thing is “virulently anti-gay.” But then, so is any other kind

of thing that does not swoon at the authenticity, beauty, spirituality,

social responsibility, healthfulness and, yes!, conservatism of homosex. If

you are not with these people a hundred percent in their campaign to

overhaul Western society in their personal interest, you are a warped

psychopath. (My Webster’s Third defines “virulent” as “extremely poisonous

or venomous … able to overcome or break down the defensive mechanism of

the host.” Watch out!)

As for all the unthinking obloquy hurled at “stereotypes,” here is a

stirring defense of those very useful statistical constructions.


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