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If you are going to be bossed around by unelected busybodies, it is better that they be your unelected busybodies. For reasons known only to itself the increasingly bizarre European Commission has taken upon itself to pass legislation that will ban large numbers of vitamins currently sold in the UK. The House of Lords has now called upon the Labour government to renegotiate this ‘legislation’ with Brussels and has recieved in return a lecture on the reality of national sovereignty within the EU from Lord Walker, a junior health minister:

“The UK is obliged to implement the directive. Failure to transpose its requirements properly would be a serious breach of our obligations under the EC Treaty and would result in infraction proceedings against the UK and in the likelihood of our facing heavy fines.”Ultimately, implementation would be forced upon us.”



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Half Baked

It is dangerous in today’s climate to note that Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head are reflective of reality.