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Krauthammer’s Take: Putin Keeps Succeeding Because the Obama Administration ‘Does Nothing’

Taking the growing conflict over Russia’s role in the election as the latest example, Charles Krauthammer says that the reason for Putin’s recent success has been an Obama administration that does nothing to deter him:

Putin is actually succeeding in the sense, if you wanted to destabilize the American system and to turn people against each other. Well, he has produced it. You have you got CIA. You have got FBI, Democrats, Republicans, committee chairman, all at each other’s throats.

The issue here isn’t who elected Donald Trump. The American people did. The issue is the power of the Russians and presumably others to get into our systems and disrupt what we do. And the deeper issue is we have had an administration — it’s the same in Aleppo, it’s the same in Ukraine, same everywhere — that does nothing. It does absolutely nothing to deter the other power.

The point of a superpower is not to invade. It’s not to drop the bombs. It’s to be so strong that when you issue a warning, secretly or publicly, the other guy listens and doesn’t do it. And we are going to suffer from the fact that Putin has gotten away with this and succeeded to the extent he has us at each other’s throats. Trump is going to have to be a president who gets in there and does something, retaliation that is really going to singe the Russians.

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