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This should stir the pot. From a reader:

Uh Jonah, I think all this caterwauling about Yalta, Eastern Europe and Vlasov is silly. Schlessinger is right, the Red Army was going to occupy Eastern Europe, come what may. The question was, would we be able to persuade the Soviets to intervene against Japan? We could have angered the Soviets and they would STILL have occupied Eastern Europe, but they might not have intervened in Manchuria. And their intervention carried weight in the Japanese decision to surrender when they did. For reference read Franks’ Downfall, on the Pacific end-game.

And I have this question if something is inevitable, a la Soviet/Russian dominance in East Europe, can it be said to be a “wrong?” If a tree is falling on your car, has a great wrong been done or has physics taken its course?

As to Vlasov, he was a Nazi collaborator! Yes, 60 years later he may be seen as a RUSSIAN patriot, but THEN he was seen as a Nazi collaborator! Seen by those folks who had just been at war with the Nazi’s since 1939, seen their homes destroyed, seen their loved ones tortured by Nazis, and who had liberated the camps and seen, dimly the Endlosung/Shoah. Why, because VLASOV FOUGHT WITH THE NAZI’S! And that was all it took and I submit that if you had been there then, you’d have turned them over too. From the comfort of our lives 60 years later he may appear different, but it didn’t seem that way at the time.


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