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Voices Carried to Oregon

From the Washington Post:

In an uprecedented move, the agency that oversees public broadcasting has stepped in to arrange distribution for a TV documentary on Islam that PBS had rejected as unworthy.

The federally funded Corporation for Public Broadcasting helped find a new distributor for “Islam vs. Islamists: Voices From the Muslim Center” after seven Republican members of Congress and one Democrat demanded that CPB ask PBS to air it or release it elsewhere.

To break the logjam over the documentary, CPB this week released the film to Oregon Public Broadcasting, which will distribute it to stations around the country. The Oregon broadcaster also will stage a panel discussion about issues raised in the film that will run immediately afterward.

Although distribution by the Oregon group ensures that some viewers will eventually see “Islam vs. Islamists,” it is likely to be far fewer than if PBS had carried it. While PBS doesn’t control what public TV stations air, it does provide national distribution, scheduling coordination among public stations and promotional clout. What’s more, public stations tend to view programs PBS distributes as high quality.