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Voinovich The Bully Whiner

I have a column in today’s New York Post about how Sen. Voinovich’s conduct toward John Bolton reveals how bullying the Senate has become. In response, a senior staffer from the first Bush administration has informed me that of all Republican officials in the country, Voinovich was by the far the worst, most unpleasant, most difficult and most whiny. He was then the governor of Ohio, and he would send Bush 41 endless letters moaning about how he wasn’t getting enough attention, Ohio wasn’t getting enough, blah blah blah. His underlings, the staffer said, were equally impossible. “Who’s going to primary this guy next time?” the staffer asked me. “‘Cause there’s a check I’d write in a minute.” Judging from my e-mail over the past day, there’s a lot of GOP folks who would be thrilled to support a Republican candidate for senate in Ohio who would take Voinovich on. Alas, he’s not up for reelection until 2010.


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