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Voodoo Energy

Listening to Obama’s now old energy mantra today, I am amazed that it simply remains fossilized and unchanged — unlike his other ‘evolving’ positions on handguns, FISA, NAFTA, campaign finance reform, town hall debates with McCain, talking to Iran, Jerusalem, etc.

It is still “wind, solar, biofuels and green energy that will create millions of new jobs.” But he must know that neither wind nor solar will do much to power transportation; and should we go to electric, millions of Americans who plug their autos in at night at least for the next few decades would need either more clean coal or nuclear to power them.

He should skip mention of biofuels, since he is for subsidizing inefficient corn ethanol at a time of record-high fuel and corn prices, while supporting tariffs on the importation of more efficient sugar-based biofuels.

In short, by opposing all drilling in Anwar, off the coasts, the continental shelf, and omitting any reference to coal, tar sands, shale, or nuclear, he apparently thinks that millions of acres of new solar panels and hundreds of thousands of wind turbines dotting our mountain crests and deserts, together with millions more acres devoted to corn, will somehow bring gas prices down or make energy more affordable.

But this is absolute lunacy, and no one in the media seems willing to have him explain just how many megawatts, and how many gallons of biofuels he hopes to produce, and how millions of jobs will be created therein and how our energy prices thereby will become affordable.


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