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A Vote for Barnett

According to the New York Times this morning, super-lawyer Robert Barnett is negotiating on behalf of the Clintons on matters like repaying Mrs. Clinton’s campaign debt and her role at the Democratic convention. I’m no great fan of the Clintons — but I am of Bob Barnett. I have known him for most of the time I’ve been in Washington, and he is one of its finest citizens — a man of good cheer, civility, integrity, and keen intelligence. If you have lunch with Bob at the Hay Adams, the odds are two-thirds of the people there personally know Bob, and half will come up to him to say hi and chat about politics, Washington gossip, and their children. Bob is one of those rare people of whom it can be said he’s the best at what he does. One of the Clinton campaigns failings is that it did not have political strategists who were half as good at their jobs as Bob Barnett is at his. The Clintons are in good hands.


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