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Vote For George Bush

Dear ______ :

I could not agree with you more about who must win this election! I just returned from the polls where I enthusiastically cast my ballot for George W. Bush.

I am not the Robert George who wrote the anti-Bush article for The New Republic. That is Robert A. George, an editorial page editor for the New York Post. I am Robert P. George, a professor at Princeton. Needless to say, the confusion this has caused has been a misery to me. I have had dear friends write or call in anguish for fear that I have taken leave of my senses . Even less welcome are the valentines of congratulation I’ve received from liberal colleagues.

Well, I’ll survive this little episode. What matters is that the people of the United States return George W. Bush to office.

Yours faithfully,

Robert P. George

—–Original Message—–


Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 2004 7:01 AM

To: rgeorge@Princeton.EDU

Subject: Vote for George Bush

Dear Prof. George,

I don’t know if you can imagine my shock when I saw the TNR cover proclaiming an article by you about why you can’t vote for George Bush. I haven’t had the opportunity to read the article, but something called me to write to you this morning, even though I feel it is futile.

Let me put it simply the way I see it. A vote today for anyone but George Bush today is a vote for evil. It’s that simple.

No, President Bush is not perfect, and I don’t agree with all he has done. But to sit home or to vote for Kerry, is to cooperate with evil–to let the terrorists win, to allow embryos to be killed in or outside the womb, to rob the American people of their money, to promote immorality.

John Kerry is unprincipled, a coward, a liar, an opportunist. He betrayed our country and his fellow soldiers in VietNam. He misled fools like me into thinking that the war there was unnecessary and fulll of atrocities. He got three purple hearts without spending a day in the hospital. I truly fear for our nation if he is elected.

Maybe I misread the cover I saw. I pray so. If not, please rethink, pray, and VOTE FOR GEORGE BUSH TODAY!

Sincerely yours,

[Here my correspondent gives her name.]

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