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A Vote For W. Saves You From Speeding Tickets

An e-mail:

Today, our electrical intern, who is a Russian immigrant (moved here when she was 13) was driving 30 miles over the speed limit on 71 north from

Cincinnati. She was speeding to get back to work because she had waited in

line in her hometown for an hour (starting at 6:30 am) to vote. She was

pulled over by the State Highway Patrol. Besides speeding, she also had an

expired registration (she’s a month late renewing it.) On top of all this,

she couldn’t locate her proof of insurance. She explained to him her plight

of waiting in line to vote, and that she was rushing to get to work in

Columbus. He took her driver’s license, started to walk to his cruiser to

process the ticket, and then turned back to ask who she voted for. She said

“Bush”. He turned around, handed her back the license, and said “I think

this time I’ll just give you a warning”.