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Voting in the shadows

A few years back, I was on a TV show and an irate lady called in from California to say she was so glad I was a foreigner because it meant I wouldn’t be able to vote and impose my insane right-wing ideas on her country. And I replied that I could stroll into any polling station in her state and half the others and pretty much vote with impunity, but that it was very refreshing to hear a Californian so committed to the integrity of the electoral process.

On that note, the correspondents who think that the disadvantage of “living in the shadows” is that you can’t vote might like to ponder this far from untypical story:

Hundreds Of Illegals Have Registered To Vote In Bexar County

(via April Is The Cruelest Month)

Oh, and speaking of fun headlines:

Growing Number Of Hispanic Americans Converting To Islam

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